As the days go on she gets stronger. Holding onto hope that everything will be okay in the end with her reputation no longer left to defend. She has so much potential and has bent past her breaking point for now she knows how to not disappoint. She is stronger than before with so much more with feelings no longer sore. She has grown and because of you she has flown.


The Halls Short poem (10-17-17)

Oh as she walks down the halls

Not a fear in her mind

Even though she can remember those words, not so kind

The threats

The ones to fret

How those guys wore a disguise and made her think that they were kind

She was ever so blind to the schemes

She was innocent and pure

Until this summer

Now she’s confused and in a daze

Watching as the time goes by days and days

Wishing she couldn’t remember but it is all she has left

Depressed Short Poem (11-14-17)

All they see is smiles

But that doesn’t mean it’s the truth

I am a part of the depressed youth

I sit and write

I try to forget that one night

I walk down the halls with my head down

My closest friends don’t notice

I don’t talk

All I can do is forget those names that I was just called

But they don’t care about the nights I went home and balled

All the tears that fell

All the blood that was spelt

That doesn’t matter

I don’t matter to them

Now I could stay a dwell on what is

Or I could just keep moving forward

But it’s harder than a person would think

What they don’t realize Is I could be gone in a blink

They better not blink twice